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School FAQ

What Is Required By Our School To Partner with APSTO?

Arizona Private School Tuition Organization (APSTO) is not tied to any single school, denomination, or organization. We will work with every Qualified School in the state of Arizona. We simply require a Partner School Agreement be completed each school year. Please call 480-256-1001 or contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

How Do We Determine If We Are Considered A Qualified School?

A Qualified School is a preschool that offers services to students with disabilities, nongovernmental primary or secondary school located in Arizona that does not discriminate based on race, color, disability, familial status, or national origin. All teaching staff and personnel that have unsupervised contact with students are required to be fingerprinted.

Qualified school does not include a charter school, or any program operated by a charter school. This means that a private school program which operates in the same facilities as the charter school operates and a private school program that is administered by the same staff as employed by a charter school is not eligible for private school tuition organization scholarships.

What Grade/Age Is Required for Our Students to Receive Scholarships From APSTO?

APSTO can scholarship students in grades K-12 attending qualified private schools in the State of Arizona and disabled preschoolers with an Arizona public school IEP or MET. Kindergarten students must be 5 by December 31st to receive scholarships.

Can APSTO Award Scholarships for A Prior or Future Year’s Tuition?

Unfortunately, state law requires APSTO award scholarships for current year’s tuition only.

Can APSTO Award Scholarships for Summer School?

APSTO can pay for summer school for high school students only. The classes paid for need to be credit-bearing classes needed for graduation.

Can APSTO Award Scholarships to A Student Who Is Repeating A Grade?


What Happens If Our School Over-Accepts Funds For A Student In Error?

The school must return the amount that is in greater than that of the student’s annual tuition to APSTO.

What Happens If A Student Has Received Scholarship Awards And Withdraws During The School Year?

Your school is required to refund APSTO a prorated amount of the scholarship funds. The returned funds will then be used to scholarship another student in need.

Can Our Students Receive Scholarships From More Than One STO?

State law allows all students to receive scholarships from any STO at the same time. Some STO’s have policies that may restrict the applicant from accepting other funds. APSTO never restricts students from accepting funds from multiple STOs.

Can Our Students Receive Scholarships From APSTO If They Are Receiving Empowerment Scholarship Money (ESA) From The Arizona Department Of Education?

The law does prohibit students from accepting STO funds and Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) funds at the same time. The ESA statue (A.R.S. 15-2402 (B)(3)) requires that if your students have a contract with the ESA program, they cannot accept ESA and STO money for the same period. If they choose to end the ESA contract during the school year, there is no conflict if your students receive STO scholarship funding for the remainder of the academic year.

Questions? Call 480-256-1001 or email info@APSTO.org